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  1. Angelo LiVecchi
    Angelo LiVecchi July 6, 2022 at 1:09 am |

    Ken, you are the man…..both are very likely. Did you ever hear/see the further speculation that Dempsey had something, ,metal I believe they say, in his glove for part of the fight where he pummelled Willard? I saw a documentary once where they claimed they had a clip of it falling out or someone getting it out of the ring.

    I have always suspected way before Panama Lewis and Antonio Margarito…like way back there was A LOT of shady biz with wraps and gloves….some of those old fights even the regulation gloves are crazy….many of those guys had to have some beards!! Thinking again….there were times I suspected issues with wraps or gloves just watching….I called it in the 1st COtto vs. Margarito fight….we will never know for 100%, but watching that fight and how it progressed, and Cotto’s reactions to Tonys punches, I was yelling…something is not right here, something is wrong…fifn’t know exactly what, but in retrospect..makes sense. I remember my man Vinny Paz being pissed, said Herol Graham had something shady going on…..ok this comment is way too long. hope to see you soon pal.


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