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  1. BSDetector
    BSDetector April 3, 2021 at 8:28 pm |

    Chuck Walker didn’t lose on cuts to Darryl Penn he was TKO’d after being knocked down three times in the 4th round; from the Arizona Republic (4/30/1980), “…the last thing Darryl Penn wanted to do in the ring was dance. When he knocked Walker down in the second round, a spectator taunted the fallen golden boy, ‘Try dancing the fox trot.’ When Penn floored Walker with a short left in the fourth round and sent him crashing down twice more shortly thereafter during the March 20 fight in Phoenix, there were no more taunts, because the referee stopped the proceedings altogether. ” …You have a responsibility to the reader to check those details and have your facts correct.

    Perhaps Chuck Walker was promised a title fight with Park, it was a fledgling division and its early contenders were not always the most accomplished, however, with claims (from his Facebook page) that he was in line to fight Marvin Hagler, until the SRL fight came up, he gives the impression of a gold medal BS artist. Although he wouldn’t be the first of those in the fight game.

    1. Chuck Walker
      Chuck Walker May 14, 2021 at 2:14 pm |

      I seldom address smug, rhetoric such as posted here by a nameless would-be-expert with a self-proclaimed moniker such as BS Detector. But occasionally these arrogant idiots should be called out and this post by this arrogant idiot certainly qualifies.

      My name is Chuck Walker and the only part of BS Detector’s post that was accurate was the undeniable fact that Darryl Penn knocked me out in 1980 and deserves due credit for it, PERIOD! Also the orig. writer’s assessment of the fight ending on cuts was indeed inaccurate. I was knocked down three times in the 4th to end the fight, the only time in my career I was off my feet and my only loss as a pro.

      What BS Detector doesn’t know is that I was an 8 to 1 favorite by Vegas odds and a consortium of Vegas “businessmen” was present at the fight and had bet a million dollars against me. Threats against my promoter’s (Steve Eisner’s) life had been made to the extent that he hired a trio of bodyguards to flank him constantly. What BS Detector also did not report is that a foreign substance was found in my bloodstream after the fight but we didn’t report it due to potential reprisals. And again, this is in no way meant to impugn the integrity Penn.

      Now as for BS Detector’s sarcastic appraisal of my career otherwise, and his referral to me as a “Gold Medal BS Artist”, I find myself in the embarrassing position of having to defend my honor: I fought for nearly 20 years. As an amateur I had 100 fights, losing only 11. I was never knocked out. I was the 1975 National Champion of the United States and was voted the nation’s “most outstanding fighter” pound-for-pound. I was the champion of the North American Continent, the bronze medal winner in the Pan Am Games, the National Olympic Trials Champion, the Olympic Representative at Light-Middleweight in the 1976 Montreal Games who suffered–as Howard Cosell described it on network television–“the most egregious decision I have ever seen in amateur boxing”.

      My first three pro bouts were 10 rd. main event wins over veterans such as Tony McMinn who was 19-3 with 18 Kayoes at the time. Next Joe Gonsalves who was about 50/50 after 22 bouts. Then a former top ten contender known as Renato Garcia who was 36-16-2. Garcia broke my jaw in the 2nd round and I fought the last nine rounds with the broken jaw, still winning a unanimous decision.

      A layoff after Penn, then a comeback in ’84. The comeback saw me undefeated in 13 fights (not all boxrec listed). I achieved world ratings of #8 by the IBF, #12 by the WBC, #4 by the USBA, and #6 by the NABF. Ring Magazine had me in the top ten. My pro boxing record ended at 15-1-1.

      So to address the BS Detector, you are just another arm-chair-commentator who probably walked by a boxing gym once, smelled the sweat of “real” men and decided you were an expert. Your weapons of choice ar a pen, a computer and a mouth. You are comical. On behalf of the boxing community, take it elsewhere brother! Real athletes don’t need it. As for myself, I hope we meet sometime … I’ll show you my version of the Foxtrot. It can be a painful dance!

  2. martin tunney
    martin tunney July 12, 2022 at 10:31 pm |

    I hope you get a chance to teach the BSD some manners as your skills are legendary.

  3. Chuck Walker
    Chuck Walker December 26, 2022 at 3:12 pm |

    Thank you, Martin. And thank you for the kind words. I despise arm-chair experts without the guts to do anything but run their mouth. I appreciate your taking the time to support me!


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