WBC Super Feather Champ Oscar Valdez Defeated Robson “Nino” Conceicao!

At the Casino Del Sol, Tucson, Arizona, Bob Arum’s Top Rank presented over ESPN+ Friday WBC World Super Featherweight and former WBO World Featherweight Champion and two-time Olympian Oscar Valdez of Mexico made his first defense defeating No. 14 ranked 3-time Olympian and 2016 Gold Medalist Robson “Nino” Conceicao of Brazil over 12 close rounds. WBO World Flyweight Champion Junto Nakatani of Japan defended his title for the first time stopping No. 1 ranked Angel “Tito” Acosta of Puerto Rico in 4 rounds.

In the Main Event WBC Super Feather champ Oscar Valdez, 30-0 (23), #130, of Nogales, MEX, won a decision over Robson “Nino” Conceicao, 16-1 (8), #129.6, of Bahia, Brazil, over 12 rounds.

In the first five rounds the taller Conceicao used his reach and speed a hand and foot to dominate for the most part. In the sixth through the eighth rounds the aggressor Valdez had his best rounds finishing stronger of the two. In the ninth round referee Tony Zaino took a point from Conceicao for hitting behind the back of the head without any previous warnings. In the tenth Valdez kept up the pressure landing more than Conceicao though receiving a warning for hitting behind the head.

In the eleventh round Conceicao stood his ground for the most part of the round doing well. Again Valdez received a warning for hitting behind the head from referee Zaino. In the twelfth and final round Conceicao did too much holding and showboating allowing Valdez to take the round.

Scores were 117-110, 115-112 twice with this writer 114-113. Conceicao seemed to dominate the first half and let Valdez take over the second half.     

WBO World Flyweight champ southpaw Junto Nakatani, 22-0 (17), #111.4, of Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan, defended his title stopping a game Angel “Tito” Acosta, 22-3 (21), #112, of San Juan, PR, at 0:32 seconds of round four of a 12.

In the first round in the final minute Nakatani hurt Acosta with a right on the side of the head, but Acosta came back fighting in a round Nakatani took. In the second round Acosta’s nose was bleeding and the ring physician was brought in but allowed him to continue. With fifteen seconds left in the round Acosta landed a right uppercut on the chin backing Nakatani up just prior to the round ending.

In the third round’s halfway point the ring physician was brought in again. Why the fight was not stopped I do not know. His nose (possibly broke) and mouth were heavily bleeding and shortly afterwards the referee Rocky Burke called in the ring physician who halted the fight.

“I thought it was a good fight and I want to unify the titles,” said Nakatani.

Super Feather Gabriel Flores, Jr., 20-1 (7), #129.6, of Stockton, CA, lost a lopsided decision to Luis “Venado” Alberto Lopez, 23-2 (12), #128.4, of Mexicali, MEX, over 10 rounds.

In the first round Lopez rushed out backing up Flores throwing a flurry of punches to the body and head. Twice Flores was warned for low blows by referee Velez. In the second round Lopez continued his assault until the halfway point when Flores landed a right on the chin. By the end of the round Flores was back in control. In the third and fourth rounds Lopez continued outworking Flores. In the fifth it was Flores who may have taken his first round though close.

In the sixth round Lopez was back on the attack chasing down Flores. In the seventh round Lopez had the nose of Flores bleeding by the halfway point and hurt. In the eighth round Lopez continued the attack having Flores on the run with a bruise under his left eye. In the ninth round a left hook from Lopez on the chin had Flores out on his feet with half a minute left in the round. In the tenth and final rounds final seconds the Flores corner tried stopping the fight but referee Robert Velez didn’t hear them. The left eye of Flores was near closed at the end. 

Scores were 98-92 while 100-90 twice. This writer had it 99-91.

Super Feather Juan “El Bravo” Tellez Giron, 16-1 (10), #132.2, of Queretaro, MEX, stopped Eduardo “Thunder” Garza, 15-4-1 (8), #132.6, of Mission, TX, at 0:44 of the seventh of an 8.

In an all action first two rounds, both fighters had their moments with Garza having and edge. In the next four rounds Giron came back with a body attack taking both rounds in an all action fight. In the seventh round the war continued when Giron landed a right to the head and a wicked left hook to the liver and down went Garza to his knees in pain as the referee Rocky Burke waved it off.    

Super Light Omar “Pollo” Aguilar, 22-0 (21), #142.6, of Ensenada, Baja CA, MEX, impressed stopping a game Carlos “Carpi” Portillo, 22-4 (17), #141.6, of Asuncion, Paraguay, at 0:55 of round 2 of an 8.

In the first round at the halfway mark Aguilar rocked Portillo with a left to the chin. Portillo fought back well until the final seconds of the round when a right uppercut from Aguilar on the chin dropped Portillo. He beat the count as the bell ended the round. In the second round a right on the chin from Aguilar dropped Portillo for a count. Upon rising Aguilar was all over him landing a left that caused Portillo to go down to his knees holding his right eye that was closing fast as referee Tony Zaino waved it off. 

Junior Welter 2016 Olympian Lindolfo Delgado, 12-0 (11), #141.6, of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEX, stopped Miguel “Michael” Zamundio, 45-17-1 (28), #140.8, of Guasave, Sinaloa, MEX, at 0:50 of the second of an 8.

In the first round it was all Delgado giving out enough punishment there shouldn’t have been a second round. In the second the corner allowed Zamundio out who got dropped almost immediately. The referee should have stopped it giving him a count instead. Upon rising the referee Robert Velez finally waved it off.

Super Welter Xander Zayas, 10-0 (7), #151.8, of PR and Sunrise, FL, defeated Jose “Guerro” Luis Sanchez, 11-2-1 (4), #151.6, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, over 6 rounds.

In the third round after a minute a body shot from Zayas had Sanchez hurt and holding on while Zayas continued firing punches right to the bell with game Sanchez staying in there.

In the fourth and fifth rounds Sanchez held his own with Zayas landing his own rights though Zayas took the rounds that were close. In the sixth and final round Zayas had Sanchez bleeding from the nose and hurt with a minute left in the round from a body shot but the heart of Sanchez had him hanging in there until the bell. Referee was Rocky Burke.

Scores were 60-54 and 60-53 twice as did this writer had it. Zayas celebrated his 19th birthday with the victory.   

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