America The Beautiful

America The Sports Beautiful

An inspirational musical sports poem by Robert Brizel, Brick City Boxing Correspondent

A new song for our United States in crisis, sung to the music of ‘America The Beautiful’


O masked beautiful, in contagious skies

With shortages of food and grain

For some ventilated souls with hollow eyes

Breathing through the coronavirus pain.

America The Sports Beautiful

The athlete’s silence is thee

All sports they should be in brotherhood

For sports unity in our country.


O beautiful, in our quiet war

In isolation we want more.

Of boxing, baseball, football, and basketball

MMA, tennis, soccer, fans shall roar at every score.

America The Sports Beautiful

Our heroes are athletes no more.

Of doctors, nurses, EMTs and hospital personnel

Giving their lives on the front lines of hell.


O beautiful for emotional memories

Of how people played the game all along.

For love of sport, soul, the Olympics, competition and country

Thrill of victory, agony of defeat, mirror of happiness once more in song.

We are alive, we shall survive, the future we shall look forward to

The event we will one day see, is athletic liberty, in 2021, or 2022.

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