Floyd Mayweather Showing Off Some Bling

Is the Hand Writing on the Wall for Floyd Mayweather, Jr’s. Future?

By: Ken Hissner

I can see the headlines now saying “Floyd Mayweather Claims After Blowing $400+ million He Will Fight Again!” Will it be in 2018 at the ripe old age of 41?

When Mike Tyson had a net worth of 300 million who thought he would someday be broke? At the end of his career Muhammad Ali eventually became broke before “selling his name” for 50 million with options.

Few fighters who could make big money have come back like George Foreman. For Floyd to blow money on strippers at a $100 a pop to dance for him and go through his legal problems outside of boxing the way he has it wouldn’t surprise me if someday he is broke. Rumors were he bought his 15 year old daughter a $500,000 car.

In 2015 Mayweather was the highest paid athlete making $300 million. The year before he was also tops making $105 million. He has purchased 39 cars from Obi Okeke a Nigerian co-owner of a dealership who is always at his beckon call. He has 3 Bugatti Veyron’s worth 3.2 million all together. He has a Ferrari Enzo worth 3.2 million. Word is he has 100 cars and 2 jet airplanes. His Las Vegas mansion cost 9 million.

At a mall in Dubai Mayweather bought a Hublot diamond watch worth 1.1 million. He has spent a million on a 50 carat diamond ring and a smaller diamond necklace with 74 diamonds each one being 3 carats. It was a 10 to 15 million shopping spree. Mayweather handles all his money and pay’s with cash for everything. It’s believed his Boxing Promotion has Al Haymon fronting for him and who has served as manager and adviser. They have signed 100 fighters.

Former IBF and WBA super lightweight champion Aaron “the Hawk” Pryor was 36-0 and out of boxing for almost 2½ years when he came back and was stopped in 7 rounds in his first fight. He would have 3 more fights scoring knockouts in such places as Rochester, NY, Madison, WISC, and Norman OK.
What happens when and if Mayweather comes back not wanting to be matched with a club fighter but a champion? Say when he gets in the ring with his younger opponent only to find out he’s faster and hits harder than any of the films he saw on him and better than his first 49 opponents?

Is the handwriting on the wall?

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