Live From Hollywood – Bob Arum Shuts Down Manny Pacquiao’s International Media Conference Call

By: Danny Serratelli
Manny Pacquiao’s International Media conference call today has created more drama in the build up to the biggest fight of all time.  After what appeared to be some technical difficulties, callers briefly heard from Freddie Roach, Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao.   When all 3 were finally on the line it appeared that Arum was not comfortable with something, but was going to let it go and said he’s sure Manny and Freddy would have some good things to say, possibly implying that he wouldn’t?

Callers were told that Pacquiao is in his 8th week of camp training at the Wild Card Gym and that he had 12 good rounds of sparring on Saturday.   It was also announced that Manny would be making his 11th appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show this week.   While technical and timing difficulties are not uncommon on conference calls of this nature, this is the biggest money fight of all time, and Arum sounded like something was bothering him from the start but initially was prepared to go on.

After Manny said hello, they opened up for questions and the first person announced to ask his questions was Michael Marley from the Examiner.  As soon as Marley’s name was announced someone said “Oh F***” – a reaction Marley may have heard before, but it was unclear at this time if the announcement had anything to do with Arum’s decision.  After a little more commotion,  Arum said, “Lets reorganize and do this call another time”, after a brief delay, the callers were told that was it and it would be reorganized for another time.

This fight is a whole different animal, and with less than two weeks to the fight it appears there will still be a lot more drama to come.   Stay Tuned!