Boxing Results from the Brick City

By: “The Legendary” Jack Obermeyer

Serratelli, Obermeyer and Songalia

April 18, 2012, Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, N.J. Pro –
Drove up with J.R. Jowett-Boy and of course “The King” He’s a trooper, doing his Gofightlive.TV gig all night.
Ran into my barrister, Daniel Serratelli, Esquire. He handed me the bill!!!
Running time – 7:39 to 10:03.

RICHARD PIERSON, 168, Newark, vs CHARLES HAYWARD,172 1/2, Phila. Result:
RP TKO-4 (2:37). Sub CH goes down once from a beauty rt.hand, up; rsf. RP looked cool and calm and has a nice boxer/puncher style.

JOHN THOMPSON, 156 3/4, Newark, vs JAMOND BOURGEOIS, 155,Harvey, LA.Result: JT TKO-2 (1:58). JB ouytgunned by long and leaN JT. oNE knockdown.

STEVEN JOHNSON, 118 1/4,St.Joe, MO. vs QA’iD MUHAMMAD, 116 1/2, A.C. Result: QM TKO-3 (1:24). Southpaw white boy SJ just not able to fend agst. slick QM – SJ down in one and three.

KEVIN HOWARD, 271, Mont., AL. vs AARON KINCH, 258 3/4, Newark Result:AK W-4M (38ea.; 2 @ 39-37. No KD’s,not much happening in HW sloppy – theswe guys don’t have to be in shape.

Debuting LEANDRO ACEVEDO, 164 3/4,Newark, vs 0-01 39 year-old MARCUS CLAY, 164 1/4, Baton Rouge. Result: LA W-4S (39-37 ea. and 40-36). NO KD’s; good act – but limited talent. L.A., 31, should have stayed an amate

Debuting MIKE CONCEPCION, 144 1/2, vs 0-4-1 DANNY MORALES, 139,- out of action since 7-10-09
Result: MC W-4U (39-37; 2 @40-36). Good act.; no KD’s. DM, now 0-5 gives it a go.

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