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MIGUEL COTTO, WBA Super Welterweight World Champion

“We are working hard to achieve our goals. I’ve achieved everything I’ve wanted to so far during this camp.

“I am thinking about the victory and after that, we will celebrate.
“You have to keep your eyes on your opponent and always be prepared for anything in the ring.

“[On watching film of Mayweather] My work is just to train. Pedro studies the tapes and I follow him.

“[On being a man of few words] It’s my way of life. I prefer to be quiet and calm.

“My father passed away January 3, 2010. He will always be with me. Anything I am right now is because of him. I owe him everything.

“My dad is always on my mind. He lives with me and in everything I do. He taught me how to go forward and do my thing.

“I feel that this is my moment. I feel great and I am in my prime. I have great people around me. I have a purpose to train every day.

“I am motivated to fight anyone in boxing. This is how I am and how I have always been.

“Every fight is a big challenge. Everyone wants to win. Everyone works to win. This is going to be mine and Mayweather’s next big chapter in our careers.”

PEDRO DIAZ, Cotto’s Trainer

“Miguel is ready for war. He is ready for victory and that is our goal.

“We have a great camp. Miguel is working really hard and he is putting a lot of motivation and focus into every training session which will be the key to win.

“Everything is there for a reason in our training sessions. The rope, the wheel…they all have a purpose and give great results in training.

“Miguel and I have a great relationship. We are like good friends outside of the gym, but inside the gym, I am his trainer and he is the athlete. We respect each other a lot and work well together every session in the gym.”

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, President of Golden Boy Promotions

“I think anyone who faces Floyd Mayweather will have little chance of winning. He has great defense, but he is not a perfect fighter. He has never faced Miguel Cotto.

“Miguel Cotto has the right game plan and the perfect corner.

“It will really come down to who has the better game plan.

“Miguel Cotto is a strategist. He will wait and he will be patient. Will Mayweather be able to dictate the pace? Will Miguel’s patience be a problem for Mayweather? It will be very interesting.

“Mayweather just wants to win the fight no matter what and if Miguel can have that same mentality, it will be a problem for Mayweather.

“If there is a perfect time to beat Mayweather, it is now.

“No fighter is invincible. At some point Mayweather will run into that as well. He is a tremendous talent, but it is not easy to stay undefeated in this game. Eventually that ‘0’ has to go.”

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“Ring Kings: Mayweather vs. Cotto,” a 12-round fight for Cotto’s WBA Super Welterweight World Championship is promoted by Mayweather Promotions, Golden Boy Promotions and Miguel Cotto Promotions. Also featured will be Canelo Alvarez vs. Sugar Shane Mosley, a 12-round fight for Canelo’s WBC Super Welterweight World Championship which is presented in association with Canelo Promotions and Sugar Shane Mosley Promotions and a 10-round welterweight fight between undefeated rising star Jessie Vargas and perennial contender Alfonso Gomez. Opening the pay-per-view broadcast will be a 10-round bout between super welterweight contender DeAndre Latimore and former World Champion Carlos Quintana which is presented in association with DiBella Entertainment. The mega event is sponsored by Corona, Hatfields & McCoys on HISTORY

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