Brick City Boxing

Nedal and KEA put on a Great Show!

By: “The Legendary” Jack Obermeyer
March 31, Hamilton Manor on Rte. 130 South in Hamilton Township (just outside of Trenton). Pro – Nedal and Kea.(Andre Kut). MM – Nedal Time – 7:41 to 10:29 6 bouts. Show number 3,333 lifetime.

Drove Marc Abrams up. Hoping to get a room (I didn’t – went home) so I can be closer to Queens for next afternoon’s N.Y. State Boxing Hall of Fame luncheon, as I hook up with Jowett-Boy and Neil “Mustafa” Terens (he’s smart enough to be on the nominating committee) in the morning.

JAMEEL McCLINE, 271 vs southpaw LEVIN CASTILLO, 215 Result: JM W8S Pathetic. 77-74 ea.; 76-75Mc, who lost a point in fifth for pushing LC to canvas.Not much happened; listless. JMc too slow and LC too small.
Enough said.

PRZEMYSLAW OPALACH, 161 vs EBERTO MEDINA, 157 1/2, Result: EM W-6U (60-54 twice; 59-55 – me, 58-56) Upset? Polish born – first U.S. fight, was 9-0. PO too European. No KD’s. EM too busy and too slick if U will.

JUAN RODRIGUEZ JR., 147 vs DANIEL CRABTREE, 146. Result: Bout was
scratched as DC came down with a same day skin rash on his
midsection.He showed me the rash.

ALANDO SWAIN, 157 , Trenton, vs EDDIE EDMONDS, 157, Newark.
Result: AS W-4U ( 40-36 twice, 39-37) No KD’s. Only bad fight
(besides main) on the card.

LADIES BOUT: Debuting cutie MIKAYLA NEBAL, 120 1/2, Ohio vs NYDIA
FELICIANO, 120, The Bronx. Result: NF W-4 U All 40-36 MN bite off more
then she could chew agst. 9 bout vet. No KD’, good action

TYRONE LUCKEY, 135,Neptune, NJ vs RAMON ELLIS, 138, Phila.
Result: Maj draw 4. TL gets a 39-37 (same as me); two at 38-38. Close,
but TL did have a solid round two.RE hung tough. Real good action.

JOSE CALDERON, 143, The Bronx, KO-1 (2:49) the now 0-5 southpaw
JA(y)SON SIA, 141. One left hook and down goes Sia! Nice shot.

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