“Comebacks”….Jerson Ravelo Victorious over Joey Spina

By: “The Legendary” Jack Obermeyer
March 24 Resorts, A.C., N.J. – Pro – CES and Global. MM – Renee Aiken. Running time – 4:12 to 6:39
Took train down (senior citizen discount!!!) got ride home with judge John Stewart. Ate (free of course) in employee cafeteria (passable). Only 5 bouts. Patrick Majewski bout falls out – no opponent approved after initial one falls out. Had some sort of cable people there – PPV

From 1st to last:
White boy STIVENS BUJAJ, 199, NYC (born in Albania), TKO-2 1:49), southpaw JOSH HAR.I., 197, Youngstown. Once SB warms up, it is basically over. One KD – double rights – and down goes JH. Later, RSF with JH on ropes.

White boy JOEY SPINA, 175, Providence. R.I. vs comebacking JERSON RAVELO, 170, Newark, N.J. Result: JR W-8S Good action; slightly bad call. 77-75 each; 79-73 JR!!! – from Tony Perez. Me: 77-75 for JS. Jr rocked early but hangs in. Gets wild at times. JR cut over Li in rd. 3. Both 34 yr. olds were making comebacks.

Southpaw ARTUR SZPILKA, 228, Wieliczka, Poland vs TERRENCE
MARBRA, 2301/2, Dade City, FL. Result: AS via TKO 2:49 of first round. Two straight left KD’s of TM – RSF

KAMIL LASZCZYK, 130, No. Bergen, N.J. (via Poland) vs southpaw TEVIN FARMER, 130, Philadelphia. Result: KL W-8 (79-73, 77-75 and 78-74) So-so, KL a bit too aggressive and strong for slicker TF. Lots of energy, but many misses and holding. TF lost point for use of shoulder
in round 6, as he couldn’t quite keep KL off him.

MARIUSZ WACH, 247, Nrakow, Poland vs TYE FIELDS, 256, Edmonton, Canada.(but really a U.S. (Wyoming?) kind of guy)
Result: TIMBER!!!! Not quite, but close enough.TF wins round one by default. TF has no pop; MW opens up occasionally He finally opens up big time in fifth, and then continues in sixth. Down goes TF along ropes from a finishing rt. He just struggles to feet but RSF (Benji Esteves). Time: 1:40 of sixth – announced as a KO. Seen MW before; he ain’t nothin but a future Tye Fields.

P.S. Now it’s home by 8:10 and ready for a double dose of TV boxing.

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