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Muay Thai Replays Now Available
Rising Stars – Take-on Productions

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Muay Thai is back as TaKe-On Productions presented Rising Stars to a rabid crowd in Queens, New York. The card featured 11 total bouts, with two title fights and an 8-man tournament. It was a thrilling night of fights as high level striking was on display all night, with blistering kicks, punches, knees and elbows doing damage at every turn.

Stoney “Catfish” Morales (16-4) defeated Osvaldo “June” Dominguez (9-5) by TKO (injury) in Round 1 to win the Northeastern WKA 155 lb title. It was a surprising turn of events as Morales and Dominguez got off to an explosive start, and then on the second throw of the night Dominguez dislocated his rotator cuff in a freak accident. The referee called a halt to the bout and once realizing the severity of the injury called the fight off. It was an anti-climactic end to an otherwise great card. No doubt Morales and Dominguez will hook up down the line and finish what they started at Rising Stars.

In the second title fight of the night, Jess Ng defeated Rhea Fontanilla to win the NY State Title. Ng dominated on her way to victory and proved that fighting like a girl is not a bad thing as she got her hand raised in victory.

Advancing in the tournament was Akio Nakasone by decision, Freddy Cheung by KO, James Gregory by decision, and Andrilo “Junior” Suarez by decision. These four men will advance and square off in 2012 at Battle at the Beacon to determine the winner of the 155 lb MAX 8-man tournament.

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