Brick City Boxing

Week 15…things are heating up!

WHO DAT? Ok, enough of that. But I am still jacked over the big win in the Big Easy. This is the type of win that can put a mentally shaky team like Dallas over the top. We will see. Just part of the rollercoaster ride that is Dallas fandom..

How about the Mulligan Stew that is the AFC playoff race?!?! With 2 weeks to go, not 7, 8 or 9 teams in the hunt but how about 12!!! That is right there are 12 teams that are VERY much in the hunt with 2 to go.

1 Indy has the 1 seed locked up at 14-0 (home NYJ and at Bills)
2 S.D Is pretty much solid at the #2 11-3 (at Tenn and skins at home)

3 New England sits at the 3 at 9-5 and can win the AFC East next week at home against the Jags (Jags at home and at Houston)

4 The Bengals sit currently but not comfortably at the 4 seed at 9-5 but the Ravens are right on their heels at 8-6 (KC at home and at Jets)

1st Wild Card spot Ravens at 8-6 (at Pitt at Oak)
2nd Wild Card spot Denver 8-6 (at Philly and home KC)

Followed by six 7-7 teams
7 Jags (at Pats at Cleveland)
8 Miami (Houston and Pitt both at home)
9 NYJ (at Indy Bengals at home)
10 PITT ( Ravens at home and at Fins)
11 Tenn (SD at home and at Sea)
12 Houston (at Miami and N.E at home)

The schedule makers are looking like geniuses right now with most of the AFC hangers-on, playing each other the last 2 weeks.

Boy the Jets will break your heart. Play lights out defense all day then give up the late TD drive at home. Some of the best passes thrown by someone in a Jets jersey came from the stands in the form of snowballs! Be patient Jets fans, give Mark and Rex a couple of years and I really think you will like them both. Funny how impatient fans can be when you haven

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