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Mayweather, Jr. vs Marquez: Taking The Path of Least Resistance

By: Christian Cruz

When former P4P numero uno and welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr (39-0-0) announced his sudden retirement after his last fight in 2007, it was met with criticism, and was seen as an eventual escape from facing real competition in a division littered with quality oppositions. His overall career, was actually widely criticized, even though it bannered a flawless record of no losses and world championship belts in three different classes. For someone blessed with abundant talent, great boxing skills, and good pedigree, Mayweather, Jr. was perceived to have been only looking for easy money fights instead of fighting the best available opposition, especially during his stint at the welterweight division. Potential big fights with Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, and even Paul Williams were on the horizon after his victory versus Junior Welterweight champ Ricky Hatton, but as what happened, he retired prematurely.

His fight with Hatton, not surprisingly, only bolstered the negative perception about his supposed