Brick City Boxing


By: Jim Amato

Kelly Pavlik by mid round KO over Pierre. Liakhovich, KO inside ten rounds against over rated and over hyped Shannon ” No Chin ” Briggs.

This was a tough one. I’m taking ” Pretty Boy ” Floyd Mayweather by decision over Argentina’s Carlos Baldomir but honestly this fight worries me. Baldomir is tough, strong and determined. He’s a solid puncher who can take a good shot. This will not be a walk in the park for Floyd. If he thought Jose Luis Castillo was tough, wait until he meets this guy.

Baldomir reminds me of the late, great Argentine Victor Galindez. He knows his limitations and he knows his strengths too. He is a deceptively cunning fighter who can just break a guy down. This should be a very stern test for Mayweather.