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Jones and Badi Meet the Press in Anticipation of their Fight in Boise

On July, 29th at the Qwest Arena in Boise, Idaho, “Hold Nothing Back” will feature the North American light heavyweight championship, Camden NJ’s Prince Badi versus Roy Jones, Jr. Both men recently met with the national media.

Leading up to the fight, there were concerns whether Jones would ever make it to Boise. Roy Jones says he is just “happy to be fighting. Doesn’t matter where it is.”

Still, ticket sales have been sluggish. Only 2,000 tickets have been sold. The promoters expect to sell out the entire 6,500 in the final week before the show with both Prince Badi and Roy Jones in town promoting the event.

Jones says he feels much better than before his October 2005 loss. “I just feel pretty good. Now, you know, I feel like back to be my old self, back to enjoying myself, back to enjoying the sport.”

Jones has come back as a light heavyweight because “That

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