Wladamir Klitschko TKO 7 Over Chris Byrd

Byrd’s Big Heart Not Enough To Pull This One Off…

Byrd, a true overacheiver and champion wanted this fight Wladamir Klitschko. Despite the years, and Wladamir’s problems since the first fight with Byrd (a unanimous decision for Klitschko), Byrd still had no answers for the big guy. Chris Byrd showed that he has a giant heart, but that was not enough for him tonight. He came to fight, and gave it his best shot, however he was never able to mount an offense. Byrd gallantly tried to get inside the long reach of Wladamir Klitschko all night, but paid a price for it.

Byrd was dropped twice in the 7th round, and got up from vicious shots that most men would been incapable of rising from. Byrd was also bleeding profusely when referee Wayne Kelly stopped the fight after the 2nd knockdown at :51 of round number 7. With the victory, Klitschko takes Chris Byrd’s IBF title that he has held for over 3 years, a major achievement in the heavyweight division at this time.