Brick City Boxing


By Danny Serratelli

Pre fight prediction- Regardless of what anyone says, both Ruiz and Toney are proven tough guys. While Ruiz is a nice guy, everyone hates him because of his style. I admit I fell asleep at the Garden during his fight with Fres Oquendo, but the guy knows how to use what he has. James Toney was one of the best fighters pound for pound up until the time when he gained close to 20 pounds in one day and lost to Roy Jones. Despite the style, or lack of from Ruiz and trash talking from Toney there is one thing both of these guys are in the ring…smart. Despite what he says, Toney will feel Ruiz out early which will make most of the early rounds close. As the fight wears on it MAY get interesting because either of them may get dirty and the other will answer back. As long as Toney is in shape and motivated, which he should be, I look for him to use his intelligence and clever counter punching style to bang out a close decision. The reason I say close is because there is a good possibility that many rounds will be difficult to score. It is crazy, but to me Toney adds some excitement to the heavyweight division, and if he does win I’d be interested in seeing him fight the best the division has to offer. James Toney by majority Decision – Danny Serratelli

OK, I called a majority decision, and it was a unanimous decision for James

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