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Ron Scott Stevens & Ian Cannon Ring 8 Guest Speakers

NEW YORK (June 16, 2013) – Former Chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission, Ron Scott Stevens, and wheelchair boxer Ian Cannon will be special guest speakers this Tuesday evening (June 18, 7:00 p.m. ET) at historic Waterfront Crabhouse, in Long Island City, New York.

Recognized as an expert in the boxing industry, Stevens will discuss state athletic commissions and their obligation to appoint only qualified judges to score bouts and, of course, how to achieve that. In addition to being a highly respected and nationally known boxing commissioner, he was also a promoter, matchmaker, boxing editor (Boxing Beat and Boxing Today) and writer, and he even did some ring announcing. A person of diverse interests, Stevens is also an accomplished playwright who has written seven plays, including his most recent, “Paper Tiger.”

Cannon, a University of Hartford student, was born with cerebral palsy, however, he has inspired and motivated countless people by creating his innovative Roll with the Punches program, which provides fitness for individuals with mobility issues to improve their quality of life, overall physical fitness, independence and mental health. His program has successfully utilized boxing training techniques and methods as a tool for chair-bound people, primarily by using the basics of boxing – bag work, focus mitts, weight training and conditioning.

“Ron is a good friend and Ring 8 member,” Ring 8 president Bob Duffy said. “There have been a lot of questionable decisions lately in boxing and it’ll be interesting to hear what Ron has to say about judging in some of those fights. Ian is an inspirational and motivational speaker who was very well received by our members the last time he spoke here and we look forward to having him back with us.”

Duffy also announced that Ring 8, in association with Don Majeski and others in boxing, donated $3500 towards funeral expenses for the late, great matchmaker Johnny Bos that was forwarded to the Bos family.

Former World Boxing Council featherweight champion Juan LaPorte, who lives in Brooklyn, has confirmed his attendance at Tuesday’s annual Ring 8 monthly meeting.

ABOUT RING 8: Formed in 1954 by an ex-prizefighter, Jack Grebelsky, Ring 8 became the eighth subsidiary of what was then known as the National Veteran Boxers Association – hence, RING 8 – and today the organization’s motto still remains: Boxers Helping Boxers.

RING 8 is fully committed to supporting less fortunate people in the boxing community who may require assistance in terms of paying rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need.

Go on line to www.Ring8ny.com for more information about RING 8, the largest group of its kind in the United States with more than 350 members. Annual membership dues is only $25.00 and each member is entitled to a buffet dinner at RING 8 monthly meetings, the third Tuesday of every month, excluding July and August. All active boxers, amateur and professional, are entitled to a complimentary RING 8 yearly membership.