Tyyab “Brick City” Beale victorious over fellow Newark heavyweight Aaron Kinch

Michael Anderson and Emmanuel Lartei Lartey

Michael Anderson and Emmanuel Lartei Lartey
By Pamela LiVecchi

Boxing results-1/19/13, Robert Treat Hotel, Newark NJ

Middleweights: Anthony Jones (3-0-1) from Newark, NJ won a split decision over Issa Coulibaly (0-4) of Washington, DC.

Welterweights: Shakir Aquel Dunn (1-1) from Newark, NJ beat out Tobias Molina (0-2) from Vineland, NJ after stunning him during the first round, with the fight ending in the second.

Middleweights: Peter Reyes (1-0) from New York debuted and dominated the fight against Oscar Pagan (0-2) from Camden, New Jersey, leading to a stopped fight in the 2nd round.

Heavyweights: Tyyab Beale came out on top with a unanimous decision (8-3-1, 3KO’s) against Aaron Kinch (4-1-1,1KO).

Middleweights: Derek Webster from Glassboro New Jersey (14-0, 7KO’s) was able to catch and defeat Darnell Boone (19-20-3, 10KO’s)from Atlanta, Georgia.

The WCB Regional Welterweight Championship: Michael Anderson of Newark, NJ (12-2-,10KO’s) wasn’t able to follow through with aggressive Emmanuel Lartei Lartey of Accra, Ghana (14-0-1, 7KO’s) who won after an energetic 10 rounds.

Tyyab Beale and Aaron Kinch

By: Pamela Li Vecchi