Taylor Duerr Decisions Tough 52 Bout Mexican Vet Josue Obando in Detroit Main Event

Taylor Duerr Decisions Tough 52 Bout Mexican Vet Josue Obando in Detroit Main Event

By Robert Brizel, Brick City Boxing Correspondent


Rising unbeaten Michigan light heavyweight Taylor “Machine Gun” Duerr returned to action in the main event of a ten bout Carlos Llinas CLIP Promotions boxing card at Sound Board Nightclub, Motor City Hotel Casino, Detroit, Michigan, on September 10, 2021, with a six round unanimous decision of 53 bout trial horse Josue Obando, who took every shot, wouldn’t go, and was stubborn tough as nails for six rugged rounds


Duerr, 11-0-2, seven knockouts, Detroit, Michigan, won every round, but went the distance because he did not cut off the ring, allowing veteran Obando, 20-31-2 with 15 knockouts, Guadalajara, Mexico, to turn away from punches and land effective counter rights.


Obando fought like a Duerr duplicate, mimicking the boxing mirror style made famous by Massachusetts welterweight Dickie Eklund (half-brother and trainer of Mickey Ward) between 1975 and 1985. Obando was somewhat effective mirroring the fight style of the stronger but shorter Duerr, avoiding clinches, and strategically saving something for later.


The mirroring idea is to get the opponent to punch himself out by confusing him, getting him to box a mirror image of himself, then take the tempo advantage with ring generalship. Obando saved some of his energy, hoping the shorter Duerr would run out of gas, and tire out down the stretch. Duerr was in top condition, and did not tire, winning every round. The frustrated Duerr, who predicted a knockout, was workmanlike going the distance.


Duerr’s hard hitting style did nothing with the tough as nails experienced Obando, who had more strength fighting at cruiserweight weight than his usual light heavyweight, despite only 15 days to prepare for the bout in Los Angeles. It was a good competitive bout.


Result: Taylor Duerr Win 6 Josue Obando, Cruiserweights

Scoring: 60-54, 60-54, 60-54 Duerr. Referee: Frank Garza. 

No holding. Clean bout.


Main event of a ten bout CLIP promotions card. Those in attendance at ringside included Hall of Fame light heavyweight Alvaro “Yaqui” Lopez, and “White Boy” Rick Wershe Jr.


Preliminary Bout to the Main Event

Matthew Niziolek (Pro Debut) Win 4 Anthony Young, Welterweights

Scoring: 40-46, 40-36, 40-36 for debuting Niziolek, Monroe, Michigan.


Philadelphia’s 0-3 Young fought backing up effectively, and could have outpointed Niziolek, but lost the bout for holding Niziolek off the ropes for all four rounds to survive.


Sound Board Motor City Hotel Casino Undercard Results


Duane Taylor (Pro Debut) TKO 2 Jessie Smith (Pro Debut), Middleweights (1:22)

Debuting Taylor, Detroit, Michigan, had debuting MMA fighter Smith, Detroit, Michigan, down in the first round, and three times in the second round. One knockdown was ruled a slip by referee Frank Garza. It appeared to be a knockdown. Upon the final knockdown, Garza waived it off. Smith landed a number of effective counter rights, and was not hurt. However, his MMA technique was raw and wild, and lacked the boxing polish of Taylor, leaving him more susceptible in exchanges when Taylor had him trapped along the ropes.


Derick Miller Jr. TKO 2 Marcus Maulding, Cruiserweights

5-0 Detroit cruiserweight prospect Miller had Maulding, 1-4, Owosso, Michigan, down in first (Maulding claimed a low blow), and down three times in second for automatic TKO.


Jermaine Holloway KO 1 Clayton Crossian, middleweights (0:53)

3-0 Detroit middleweight prospect Holloway knocked out Crossian, Battle Creek, Michigan, with a body shot. A mismatch. Crossian should try another profession.


Nicole Reinhart Win 4 Angelina Hoffschneider, Female Super Lightweights

Scoring: 40-36, 40-36, 40-36 for Detroit’s 2-2 Reinhart, who had height and reach advantage. Colorado’s 0-4 Hoffschneider came forward and hung tough. Not a close bout.


Samuel Rizzo (Pro Debut) TKO 2 Brandon Trout, Super Featherweights (2:32)

Debuting super featherweight, Plymouth, Michigan, knocked Trout’s mouthpiece out in the second round, then pinned him in a corner and worked him over. Good stoppage.


Tyler Perrault TKO 1 Arnulfo Solis III, Heavyweights (1:59)

In battle of winless heavyweights, Perrault showed up in top condition, and the southpaw Solis showed up out of condition. Perrault decked Solis, who got up. Perrault continued the slaughter, landing an insane overhead atomic bomb which sent a blubbery Solis backwards upside down through the ring ropes, and out of the ring! Referee Steve Daher began the 20 count, which occurs when a fighter is knocked completely out of the ring. Amazingly, Solis was not hurt, managed to get up, climb back into the ring, and somehow beat the 20 count. The corner of Solis then stopped the mismatch to prevent Solis from a third knockdown punishment. Perrault, Southgate, Michigan, is now 1-2. Solis, McAllen, Texas, falls to 0-2.


Fernando Hernandez Split Draw 4 Matthew Rodriguez, Middleweights

Scoring: 39-37 Hernandez. 39-37 Rodriguez. 38-38 draw.

1-3-1 Hernandez, Stockton, California, is trained by five times world title challenger World Hall of Fame light heavyweight Alvaro “Yaqui” Lopez. 3-0-1 Saginaw, Michigan middleweight prospect Rodriguez had height and reach advantage, forcing the game well-trained but shorter Hernandez to be able to swing away only when Rodriguez got caught along the ropes. With Lopez’ encouragement, Hernandez appeared to win rounds one and three, Rodriguez appeared to win rounds two and four. Scoring appeared neutral and fair.


Rolando Vargas TKO 1 Akeem Jackson, Welterweights (2:25)

Wisconsin 6-1 prospect Vargas exposed padded record of Maryland’s 5-2 Jackson. Vargas landed pinpoint body shots on Jackson, who went down three times for automatic TKO.


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