Filip Hrgovic Stops Marko Radongic in Austria Friday!

At the Worthorsee Stadium, Klagenfurt, Austria, Friday, over DAZN, Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing), presented in the Main Event IBF International heavyweight champion Filip Hrgovic of Croatia remained unbeaten scoring 6 knockdowns stopping Marko Radongic of Germany in 4 rounds to retain his title.

Heavyweight Filip Hrgovic, 13-0 (11), #247, of Zagreb, Croatia, stopped Marko Radongic, 22-1 (22), #249, of Montenegro, and Ludwigshafen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, scoring 6 knockdowns after 3 rounds of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first round a right from Hrgovic dropped Radongic. A combo dropped him a second time. Two more knockdowns with rights on the head and the referee still didn’t stop it. In the second round a right on the head halfway through the round and down went Radongic for the fifth time. In the beginning of the fourth Hrgovic scored another knockdown forcing the referee to finally wave it off

Super Light Dalton “Thunder” Smith, 9-0 (7), of Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK, easily defeated southpaw Brian Pelaez, 10-6 (1), of Madrid, Spain, over 10 rounds.

In the first five rounds it was all Smith as Pelaez switched from southpaw to orthodox to no avail being cut over right eye in the third. In the eighth round Pelaez suffered a cut over the left eye. In the tenth and final round Smith continued out landing Pelaez.  

Super Middle Oliver Zaren, 5-0 (2), of Roskilde, Denmark, defeated Pavol Garaj, 7-21-3 (3), of Poprad, Slovakia, over 6 rounds.

Light Heavy southpaw John “The Gorilla” Ryder, 30-5 (17), of Islington, UK, stopped Jozef Jurko, 8-3 (6), of Kosice, Slovokia, at 1:25 of the fifth of a 6.

In the third round Ryder had Jurko against the ropes landing a flurry of punches drawing blood from his nose. In the fourth round a lead left from Ryder opened up blood on nose and mouth of Jurko. In the fifth Ryder had Jurko so busted up the referee wisely called a halt.  

Light Heavy southpaw John “The Gentleman” Hedges, 3-0 (0), of Takeley Essex, UK, defeated Frane Radnic, 11-26 (10), of Podstrana, Croatia, over 6 rounds.

Hedges easily won all 6 rounds. All scores 60-54.

Super Welter southpaw Jay Spencer, 11-3 (7), of GH and Duesseldorg, Germany, stopped by Abass Baraou 3-1 (3), of Paris, France, at ? of the first of a 6.

In the first round Barou landed a right to the head and left to the body dropping Spencer to a knee taking the count.

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