Kristian Laight

Seven of the Top 10 Most Losing Active Boxers Are From the UK!

This writer has what he calls the 100 Loss Record Club. It is headed by the UK’s Kristian Laight whose record was 12-279-9 followed by the US’s Reggie Strickland, 66-276-17 and then the UK’s Peter Buckley, 32-256-12. They are all retired. No. 4 on the list for most losses and still active in the UK’s Kevin McCauley 15-207-12, who last won in 2017.

Active No. 7 UK’s Ibrar “Smokin” Riyaz 6-180-4 was only stopped 4x, and last won in 2017. No. 11 UK’s William “Warby” Warburton 27-164-10 was only stopped 3x, and won his most recent fight in January. No. 20 Youssef Al Hamidi, 16-125-5 born in Syria but fights out of the UK only stopped 4x, and fought a draw with No. 1 Laight and defeated No. 30, Alexander. No. 26 UK’s Lewis “Pooshi” Van Poetsch 9-123-2, No. 30 UK’s Fonz Alexander 7-110 only stopped 4x, last won in 2019.

No. 31 and seventh on the active list from Latvia is Jevgenijs “Lucky” Andrejevs 10-111-3 who fights out of the UK and last won in 2015. No. 33 Remigijus “Remiga” Ziausys, 20-109-5 is from Luthuania who fights out of the UK and hasn’t won since 2012. No. 35 Josef Holub, 5-108-1, of the CZ Republic has been stopped 61x, mostly fighting out of Germany. No. 37 Mazen Girke, 15-108-6, of Germany stopped 33x, and last won in 2016.

On the still active never won list is UK’s Curtis Gargano, 0-51-1, stopped 7x, and drew in his first bout in 2013. Romania’s Marius Sorin, 0-47-2, stopped 31x, last draw in 2007. UK’s Scott Hillman, 0-47, stopped 8x. Northern Ireland’s Alec Bazza, 0-47-3, stopped 7x, last drew in 2018 and fights out of the UK. All-time leader is Bheki “Becks-Tiger” Moyo, 0-73-2, of South Africa fought out of the UK, stopped 6x.

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