Shane Mosley

Why When a Fighter Loses Its Never His Fault?

How many times has it happened that when a fighter loses he either gets rid of his trainer or manager if the contract is up? It happens time and time again.

A manager develops a fighter as do promoters from day one and when they get to that position of a title fight someone gets in their ear and says “what have they done for you lately or I can do a better job for less.” Though promoters and managers can be parasites, how about the fighter? What protection does the trainer have he doesn’t even have any kind of a contract with the fighter?

One of the few who held onto his fighters was the late Manny Steward. He developed one world champion after another and usually from scratch. He wasn’t afraid to get in a fighters ear between rounds. Wladimir Klitschko was a perfect example.

When a trainer tells a fighter “you are doing well kid, keep it up” and he is getting beat up the trainer has to go! I remember when Billy Conn was getting beat up in a fight and his trainer told him how good “he” was doing. Billy replied “then keep your eye on the referee because somebody is beating the hell out of me.”

Fathers who train their sons can be overbearing or complete liars in giving out advice from the corner. One overbearing one was the father of former Super Welterweight champion Darrin Van Horn. He slapped his son in the face between rounds. Then he came down the steps from the ring and was confronted by a trainer who had a fighter on the undercard. Van Horn jumps down and the trainer drops him with a left hook fight over ESPN! Darrin told me in an interview last year he knew nothing about it.

How many times has “Sugar” Shane Mosley or Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. had their fathers removed as their trainers? As a rule it doesn’t work most of the time. One that is working today is “Bozy” Ennis and his son Jaron “Boots” Ennis who has recorded 14 wins in 16 months since the start of his career in April of 2016.

As far as managers go remember when Mike “The Jewish Bomber” Rossman would have fist fights with his father Jimmy DiPiano in the dressing room prior to the fight? I’ve witnessed Eugene “Cyclone” Hart get down on his son Jesse Hart who has a title fight coming up on June 22nd.

In the old days the fighter simply said “I Wuz Robbed” and kept his trainer, manager and promoter in the picture!