Brick City Boxing

8-14-13 Manhattan results‏ By: “The Legendary” Jack Obermeyer

BB King’s Nightclub, Manhattan.  Pro – DiBella and SMS (Fifty Cent).  Nine bouts scheduled.  Time 7:05 to 11:12

Drive Marc “The King” Abrams up. Find a free street spot only two blocks away – 9th and 44th. Have “dinner” with Abrams, Sean Sullivan and Greg Juckett – Eric “The Creep” Bottjer is a no-show, but he does shw for the boxing.  Having such a good time talking boxing, that I miss first round of the evening – Abram-Branch.


Skinny debuter, (didn’t get DOB) JEREMY ABRAM, 128, Cleveland,  W-4U (all 40-36), loser MICAH BRANCH (now 1-8-1?), 128, Cin. OH. Not much. No KD’s. JA controls with medium jab and longer punches  Action/ Okay I guess as MB just doesn’t fold up.

Tall southpaw LENNOX ALLEN, 169, NYC, W-6U, (60-54, 59-55 twice), MICHAEL GBENGA, 170, D.C.  No KD’s. LA shows me little – not much speed and power appears lacking, as MG just hangs around.


Southpaw AMOS COWART, 135 ½, Groveland, FL.   Vs    CHAZZ McDOWELL, 137, Yonkers, NY.  RESULT:  Maj. Draw Six (58-56 AC; two @ 57-57.  NO KD’s. Close. CM tries to make fight.


Tall (but will he fill out?) PATRICK DAY, 154, Freeport, NY   vs    DONALD WARD, 150, Memphis. (4-0 vs 5-1)  RESULT: PD W-6 U (all 60-54)!

Good action.  NO KD’s.  PD punches more (left hook), but DW makes his count; just not enough of them.  Interesting,  Me: 58-56 for Day.


NEUKY SANTELISES, 130, Brooklyn   vs   MICHAEL DOYLE, 131, Pritchard, AL.  RESULT: UPSET!  MD W-TKO-1 (1: 19)   One left hook!  NS up early; RSF.

NS now 5-1; Doyle now 2-3


Slim DONTE STRAYHORN, 139 ½, Cin.    Vs       White Boy JUSTIN ROBBINS, 138, St. Louis.  RESULT:  DS W4U (all 40-36) Neither shy about letting hands go, but it’s speed and length of DS punches vs cruder crowding effort of W. Boy, give him the edge.

No KD’s.


LADIES?  SONYA LAMONAKIS, 216, NYC    vs     TANZEE DANIEL, 240, Queens., meet AGAIN.   RESULT: SL W-6U (60-54 twice; 59-55)  No KD’s; no interest. I think this was their 24th meeting as pros! Lucky for me, it was my mandatory 15min. snack break.


TOR HAMER, 225, Manhattan    vs    KERSTON MANSWELL, 280, Trinidad/Tobago,   RESULT: TH W-TKO-1 (at bell)      KM is wild and easy to hit; all over the place. Then finally down. As round is ending, he goes down again – flat on stomach. Claims he got hit on back of neck as he was going down,  but  ref  Victor Claudio doesn’t buy it.  Thank you, Victor.

White boy BOYD MELSON, 156, White Plains, NY    vs     JASON THOMPSON, 153, Brooklyn.  Rematch of Oct. 20, 2012 when BM came off floor twice to get a draw.  RESULT: BM W-8U (77-73 twice; 77-74.  Good action. BM boxes nicely in first two, then JT starts to close gap. BM cut over rt I in 6th; JT same in 7th.  BM scores rt. hook KD in eighth during exchange.


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