The All Time Hardest Punchers Pound For Pound

By: Matt Yanofsky

I recently compiled a list of the hardest punchers currently. That list took me a lot of time and thought but I saw a bigger task ahead of me. It was time to make an all time list. I researched fighters from every weight class truly defining pound for pound. Anyone can just put 15 heavyweights on the list. After each fighter on my top 15 I added why I belive they belong on the list. I have also added an honorable mention featuring 20 fighters who fell just short of the list.

1. George Foreman 76 Wins 68 Knockouts. There was a time when an undefeated George Foreman faught another undefeated boxer by the name of Joe Frazier. Frazier had defeated Muhammad Ali and was on top of the Heavyweight division. The Foreman vs Frazier fight did not last long. Foreman floored Frazier an incredible six times in only two rounds before the referee stopped the fight! Forman also made Jimmy Ellis, Ken Norton, and Dwight Muhammad Qawi look like fools by knocking them out. On top of that, he knocked out undefeated champion Michael Moorer at the time, Foreman was 45! These accomplishments make it hard to put anyone else above him.

2. Ernie Shavers 74 wins 68 Knockouts. Shavers was truly a power punching monster. You can look at his record this way; only 6 of his 74 victories were by decision. Although he never captured a world title or was exceptionally skilled, Shavers was feared by many top heavyweights. Shavers was able to knock out Jimmy Ellis and Ken Norton. Shavers also dropped Larry Holmes and even got a mention from Muhammad Ali after being defeated by him. “Ernie hit me so hard, he shook my kinfolk back in Africa!” said Ali after his fifteen round war with shavers.

3. Rocky Marciano 49 Wins 43 Knockouts. At 5