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Predictions: Manfredo-Spina & Green-Ravelo

Mike Indri
Retired Boxers Foundation-

Manfredo vs. Spina:
No love lost here between these two fighters, who will be fighting for the “Pride of Providence” bragging rights. Manfredo appears to have fought the better opposition and does possess the better boxing skills. Spina gets hit too much and relies solely on his power – which won’t help him against Manfredo.

Peter Manfredo Jr. defeats Joey Spina via unanimous decision.

Green vs. Ravelo:
All the talk is about the up and coming Allen Green, and how he makes short work of whomever they put in the ring with him. While this is a “defining” fight for Ravelo, make no mistake about it – it’s also a big step up for Green as well. Ravelo was an accomplished amateur who has yet to reach his true talent professionally due to injuries and other matters. Green had also proved that he is not indestrucible as he was out on his feet in a recent bout, yet did manage to pull through with a victory. I think Ravelo is the better fighter and will prove it Saturday night.

Jerson Ravelo defeats Allen Gren via late round TKO.

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Peter Manfredo, JR. vs. Joe Spina
This is a very interesting bout and it is another step for the star of