Tune in tonight to see Zab Judah and Floyd Mayweather do their thing out in Las Vegas. Mayweather is the recognized pound for pound champ in boxing, and Zab is the former champ who is recognized for taking things for granted and despite his accomplishments, he is considered by many to be an underachiever.

This fight will not be the blowout everyone is expecting. The question on the street is not, “Who do you like”, but “How do you think Floyd will win?” Zab will be ready for this fight, and is probably the only guy around right now who can match Floyd’s freakish speed. The problem is that Floyd trains as hard as anyone does in boxing, and that is just scary.

In the end this fight can go either way. Unlike in most of his fights where Floyd’s skills are just too much for guys to handle, Zab can hang with him. While Zab has showed some vulnerability in his chin, Floyd hasn’t