Brick City Boxing


By Danny Serratelli

Every time Arturo Gatti fights in Atlantic City, it is more than just a fight, it is an event, and Arturo is definitely a pound for pound ticket seller as consistent as anyone in the game. Boxing needs more situations like this. Even if he loses, he will sell out the arena in his next fight and the fans know they will get their money’s worth. There are few others in the game with this drawing power, of course there is Oscar de la Hoya anywhere, Felix Trinidad at the Garden, maybe Rocky Juarez in Texas, but not many more have the magic drawing touch.

With the fight being sold out, scalpers were out on the boardwalk in bone chilling weather selling the cheapest seats, which were supposed to be $50, for $100+. Oscar de la Hoya was present, because Jesse James Leija was fighting under his company Golden Boy Promotions. When De la Hoya goes anywhere you would think he was the president based on the security and crowds he draws. Whether it’s by choice or by necessity, he doesn